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Ahhh...Im new to this,really want to.Please im ope... more
May 11, 05:26AM
Dying to be forced fucked in the mouth by a few gu... more
Apr 10, 04:53AM
I really like the groups on this site :) they are ... more
Mar 27, 05:20PM

James Stone Club Promoter and pioneer RIP

Article on James Stone Los Angeles club Promoter
James Stone Night Life innovator has died

Our Zero Fake mistress Policy

Hi everyone, as we are all aware, a Mistress will ask for tributes and Pro Domina charge by the hour. Knowing this we do our best to remove scammers, men posing as women and fake mistress, but we cannot stop them all. If you suspect a scammer let us know. Most importantly make sure that when you are dealing with a mistress requesting tributes that you verify that she is legitimate. Make sure she has a website, a phone number, and see her on webcam. No one wants some male scammer posing as a Domina. We know this is common sense but we just want to make sure that you keep this in mind and are aware


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Every few weeks we will be putting up a slideshow featuring one of our members. This week: mistressl

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May 23, 11:08PM
Looking for a bi female potential slave to be with both a male and female Dom
May 22, 03:11PM
Looking for a female to turn me into their sex slave(BALTIMORE, MD)
May 22, 11:42AM
Babyboo112- i sent u a message, im very serious
May 20, 09:11PM
I am looking to fulfil and make a fantasy real, looking for a Dom Master to take and keep me as his slave!!!!
May 20, 04:03PM
Looking for Female Domme to use me for her pleasure. (Not Pro)
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