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If you are into polyamory, polyfidelity or open marriage dating and relationships, please look at our site www.beyondtwo.com. Beyondtwo is our new polyamory dating and poly dating site, for vanilla, poly, couples, polyfidelity, swingers and regular dating. We made beyondtwo.com as a place where families can meet other families and couples can meet other couples. Some of our members are already there, so you may see some familiar faces :)

Mistress L looking for subs in Los Angeles

Mistress L is currently seeking subs and slaves in Los Angeles to clean party properties, run errands, and help set up site parties and take care of dungeons. You must be reliable, articulate and must take orders and follow instructions and not argue.
Contact here to apply:

Our Zero Fake mistress Policy

Hi everyone, as we are all aware, a Mistress will ask for tributes and Pro Domina charge by the hour. Knowing this we do our best to remove scammers, men posing as women and fake mistress, but we cannot stop them all. If you suspect a scammer let us know. Most importantly make sure that when you are dealing with a mistress requesting tributes that you verify that she is legitimate. Make sure she has a website, a phone number, and see her on webcam. No one wants some male scammer posing as a Domina. We know this is common sense but we just want to make sure that you keep this in mind and are aware

Featured member

Every few weeks we will be putting up a slideshow featuring one of our members. This week: mistressl
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Dec 3, 06:29AM
Looking for a slave with a need for depraved submission. A twisted mind is crucial. Looks not as important. Female only however.You may message me
Nov 28, 11:09AM
Looking for a domme from S. California. She should be 23-45. She should also be sadistic and attractive.
Nov 23, 05:34AM
Looking for Dom in Colorado ..beginner newbie sub
Nov 19, 08:16PM
That not all you are helping to grow
Nov 18, 03:07AM
OK I am back on this site ready to help make it grow :)
Nov 9, 12:21PM
looking for available female sub/slave property in colorado. females in colorado only plz.
Nov 7, 03:15PM

Your stunning as ever and great Dungeon assortment !!
Nov 4, 08:15PM
Do you think you are man enough to break me?
Oct 26, 06:51PM
Oct 18, 04:43AM
Any one from Florida
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